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Newsletter October 2018

Firstly congratulations to Sarah and Mark who are getting married on Saturday 6th October, we wish them all the best for the future. We will therefore be CLOSED on Saturday morning, however we have locum cover for the weekend so please phone the usual number in an emergency.

There are many reasons for sheep becoming itchy, however sheep scab (caused by the psoroptes ovis parasite) is a notifiable disease. Suspicion of a notifiable disease must be reported to ourselves and animal health and from there samples are taken from the sheep and examined under the microscope to detect the parasite.  There is also a blood test available. The treatment of this little blighter can be complex due to; its ability to survive off host for over 2 weeks, its ability to spread quickly between flocks and treatment timing. Treatment must be coordinated within the flock and with neighbouring farms who also have confirmed outbreaks. It really does require good cooperation and coordinated treatments between farmers otherwise treatment may be a waste of time as re infection is very possible. Many treatment options are available and we can advise accordingly. Recently there has been some resistance to doramectin – ‘Dectomax’ the treatment that has a one off injection. It is commonly a misconception that all sheep are put under movement restrictions – however this is NOT the case! Lambs can go STRAIGHT TO SLAUGHTER aslong as animal health has been contacted and the slaughter house will also report back to AH. Obviously hauliers will need to be informed for stricter biosecurity measures to be in place with regards to disinfection.

A lungworm update – due to the warmer wetter weather over the last few weeks it has been predicted that there may be a spike in lungworm. This may cause further problems at housing as lung tissue will have been damaged, making it more susceptible to bacterial infection and pneumonia. All wormers cover for lungworm, however younger grazing animals will be most at risk.

Beef Benchmarking Group – any figures for this year or coming year, ie. Calvings numbers from last year / cattle put to the bull/PD results would be much appreciated. If you require spare sheets then please ask. I would like to plan the first meeting in November so will be in touch to organise a suitable date.  There will be approx. 6-8 people per group to allow good discussion! Any questions then please speak to Olivia.

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